Nagaon is located at a perfect distance from the major cities of Mumbai and Pune for a quick weekend break and one can reach Nagaon from either of these cities in about 3 hours.

Nagaon from Mumbai

If you are travelling from Mumbai you have the option of travelling in a boat. There is frequent ferry service along with bus service from the Gate way of India which would drop you to the Alibaug bus depot. Nagaon is jus 8 Kms from the depot. By road Nagaon is about 100 kms away.

Nagaon from Pune

Nagaon is about 150 kms from Pune. Although there are more than one route to Nagaon like the one via Mulshi - Roha, considering the road condition and ease of travel Khopoli route is recommended.
Pune - Lonavala - (Khopoli exit) Khopoli - Pen - Alibaug - Nagaon

How to Reach

Garva Beach Resort is located about 8 kms from Alibaug, along the beautiful sea coast line. Hired Tourist vehicles, Buses, Ferry to Alibaug are easily available from Mumbai and Pune. On the Alibaug-Murud route approximately 7 kms away from Alibaug you will find the 'Shivaji putala' on your right which is the land mark for Nagaon. Take a right from here onto the Nagaon 'bandar' road. You will find Gaarva Beach Resort on your left on the Nagaon Bandar road.

By Private Car

The moment you reach Alibaug, just before you enter the main Alibaug city you will find the Murud/Revdanda road which is a left from the main road. Garva Beach Resort is located on Nagaon Bundar Road.

By Bus

There are not many direct buses from Mumbai or Pune to Nagaon so take an ST bus to Alibaug. From Alibaug, you can hire 6 or 3 seater rickshaws (8 kms, 20 mins, Rs 150) to Garva Beach Resort, Nagaon.

By Boat (Only From Mumbai)

You can reach Alibaug from the Gateway of India in 1:30 hours - 1 hour for the Gateway of India - Mandwa ferry and 30 mins for the Mandwa-Alibaug bus, (The combined 1-way fare is approx. Rs 100).